Italian language scholarships in Florence

The Centro Italiano Firenze offers scholarships to various Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, as well as to Italian teachers at Universities abroad, so as to contribute to the improvement of the cultural background of particularly motivated students, who can then become ambassadors to Italian Language and Culture in the world, through the teaching methods of the Centro Italiano Firenze.

To apply for one of these scholarships in Italian Language, you will need to contact the Italian Cultural Institute where you live, or the Italian teacher at your university, asking to be considered for one of these scholarships, or one similar, made available by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Once you have received confirmation from the Italian Cultural Institute, or from your teacher, you should contact Centro Italiano by email, specifying the period in which you would like to attend the course, and confirming whether you would like the school to look for and book accommodation for the duration of your stay in Florence.

The scholarships consist of free participation, or a 50% reduction in the price of one of our 2-week Italian Language group courses. We also offer a general 15% discount on the prices of our courses to students who attend classes at Italian Cultural Institute abroad, and the lessons of Italian teachers in many foreign universities. Accommodation costs remain the responsibility of the participants, and our administration will find and book such accommodation, for the duration of the course.

Study Grants to schools and universities

Every year the Centro Italiano Florence offers some study grants to schools and universities, consisting of a partial reduction of the costs of a 2, 3 or 4 week “Italian course for small groups”, excluding accommodation. If you wish to take advantage of one of these study grants, you should submit your application to the Italian department of your university, or to the teacher responsible.

Scholarships from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It is possible to submit a scholarship application directly to the Italian Government. Every year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers foreign students, or Italian citizens residing abroad, some scholarships for Italian language and culture courses, at private schools such as ours. When submitting the application, you should specify that it is your intention to use the scholarship at our Institute.

General Information

Information on enrollment dates and conditions, as well as enrollment forms, are available from the Italian diplomatic institutions in your country of residence. Remember to ask to use the scholarship at our school, when you present your application to the Consulate. You can find the email addresses of Italian diplomatic missions abroad, and information on scholarships, on relevant websites.

If the government approves your scholarship, you can choose your preferred dates, and submit your registration directly to the Centro Italiano Florence.