This is an ancient technique that became very popular and widely spread in the Middle Ages, and in the early Renaissance period. The main reason for this success was probably due to the fact that tempera paintings were particularly long-lasting: painters like Masaccio or Piero della Francesca were aware that using this technique would make the vivid colors of their works eternal. Finally, another no less important peculiarity of tempera is that it dries quickly.


Preparation of the board using Bologna chalk and rabbit-skin glue

Choosing the subject and pouncing technique

Painting the subject using egg tempera

Golf leaf gilding on some parts of the painting

1 settimana 275 €
4 settimane 1050 €
3 mesi3100 €

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From 1-4 participants.




From 1 week to 3 months.


10 hours per week, to be agreed, from Monday to Friday, from 2-4 hours daily.