With the Miniatures course you’ll have the privilege of learning and trying, with our artisans, an ancient and precious art, that of the Miniature, that even now, few know and understand how to practice this meticulous and incomparably elegant technique.

Enter the ancient world of the decoration of codes, live an experience that dates back to the Middle Ages, and retrace the systems and roles of copyist craftsmen! You too will learn how to weave delicate and intricate miniatures on parchment.

From the design to the gold leaf, pigments, parchment and the decorative Capital letters…….our expert craftsmen will patiently guide you in this elaborate technique, until you’re able to produce your own miniatures.

DurationPrice / person
1 settimana 275 €
4 settimane 1050 €
3 mesi3100 €

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From 1 to 4 participants.


From 1 week to 3 months.


Beginning on any Monday of the year.