Take part in one of our online Italian language and culture lessons from the comfort of your own home!

By doing online lessons, you’ll be able to master the language before you even arrive in Italy, discovering its culture in depth, visiting wonderful places, or reading actual texts in Italian.
All of this without having to spend a moment in a classroom, but traveling with your imagination through the splendid Italian language and culture.

An online course will let you talk to local people, discover new places, and feel new sensations, without constantly needing to check a dictionary or phrasebook. You’ll speak directly with the locals, opening yourself up to new experiences and knowledge!

Live from Centro Italiano Firenze, we offer group or individual lessons online, getting you to the heart of Italian culture with ease and comfort, directly from your own device.


Private lessons

Organize your individual Italian language course with us. Choose the intensity, duration, timetable, level, and linguistic register.

Purchase a package of hours, and decide with your teacher when and how to use it. Lessons are offered individually, via Skype.

You’ll need a broadband Internet connection at home, and a Skype account, as well as a webcam to allow the teacher to make the lesson even more effective, just like a normal face-to-face lesson in a classroom.

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

5 lessons: € 125
10 lessons: € 240

Dates: You can register for these courses starting on any Monday of the year.
Prices include: online private lessons, Italian taxes, and Certificate of Attendance.

Ask for information:


Monday to Friday at the participant’s choice


9am to 7pm at the participant’s choice
UTC+1 (CET) / UTC+2 (CEST)


5 lessons: € 125
10 lessons: € 240
(1 lesson = 50 minutes)

You only need a webcam, internet connection, and a free, simple app.