With the Italian and Art course you’ll explore the wonders of the city of Florence, learning the language while admiring the main artworks of the Italian Renaissance, through exciting and instructive trips to museums, galleries, artisan workshops, churches, and historic buildings.

Why choose between learning the language, or enjoying Italy’s rich artistic heritage? Do both! With this course, you’ll actually be able to learn Italian with a journey through the most beautiful art ever created.

The course lasts one week, can start at any time of the year, and consists of five language lessons done during a small daily artistic and cultural excursion, each one different from the next.


5 classroom lessons in Italian Language, 5 afternoon excursions, amongst which are workshops, museums, and famous architecture.

Timetable: from 9am–1pm, from Monday to Friday; 5 afternoon excursions of around 2-3 hours each.

  • Monday – Guided walk around the Renaissance center of Florence. Introduction to the subject of the course, and welcome drink.
  • Tuesday – Renaissance painting. Guided visit to the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Wednesday – Visit to various Artisans’ workshops: Restoration of antique books, paper-marbling, and the production of terracotta.
  • Thursday – Filippo Brunelleschi, the architect of the Renaissance. Guided visit to the Baptistery, the Dome, and other important places of interest.
  • Friday – Renaissance Sculpture. Guided visit to the Accademia Gallery.
ParticipantsTotal cost
1 780 €
21120 €
31455 €
41780 €
52120 €
62470 €
72800 €
83110 €

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    1 week


    Every Monday of the year.

    Minimum Age

    16 years


    6 different teaching levels.


    Italian and/or English

    The cost includes

    5 morning lessons in Italian Language, 5 afternoon guided visits, entrance tickets to museums and artisan workshops, welcome drink.