With the Fresco course you’ll learn one of the oldest pictorial techniques in the world, which from prehistoric times, and up until today, has always characterized the work of man. A fresco consists of painting on fresh plaster, with pigments of mineral origin diluted in water,

until it fixes the work on the wall, thanks to a particular chemical process. In this way it can resist both water and wear.

This oldest artistic tradition meets the modern with new painting techniques, which are often used to embellish and decorate private houses, shops, parks and gardens. Learn how to turn an anonymous wall into a work of art!

From historical background to various painting techniques – curling, dusting and fixing – this technique will no longer be a mystery to you.


Historical background and ancient recipes

Curl preparation

Plaster preparation

Dusting preparation

Fresco painting on plaster with pigments

1 weeks 275 €
4 weeks 1050 €
3 months3100 €

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The course takes place with a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 4 participants.




From 1 week to 3 months.


10 hours per week to be agreed, from Monday to Friday, from 2-4 hours daily.