Learn to look at and manage everyday reality through a camera viewfinder: this Digital Photography course will provide you with all the skills necessary to successfully explore and practice the world of Digital Photography, in the time of pixel images.

If you’re driven by a creative impetus, but starved of technique and composition skills, you can learn to perfect your images with the right level of post-production. With the guidance of our professionals, you’ll analyse in depth all the various shooting techniques, in order to better master your camera.

From shooting to various digital technologies, from different models of cameras to post production and file export: we’ll guide you from image capture, through to editing and printing onto fine art paper.


  • The Analog camera: functions, characteristics and types.
  • The Digital camera: functions and characteristics.
  • The Digital Sensor: functions and characteristics.
  • The Digital File and Bit Depth.
  • Digital Formats: RAW, TIFF, JPEG.
  • Managing the RAW file.
  • The Shutter: shutter speed scale, motion freeze, selective blur and panning.
  • Aperture and Depth of Field.
  • Photographic Exposure: Pairing Time and Aperture.
  • Light Meter and the Grey Card.
  • Sensitivity of the Sensor: ISO measurements.
  • Exposure reading of the digital camera: Spot, Center-weighted, Matrix.
  • Exposure modes of the digital camera: M, A, S, P.
  • Taking a photograph with a digital camera.
  • Reading the Histogram.
  • The creativity of Manual exposure.
  • Bracketing and its uses.
  • The Lens: Focal length and perspective.
  • Fixed and Zoom lenses.
  • When to use Automatic features.
  • Framing and image composition.
  • White Balance in a digital camera.
  • Digital Noise and high ISO.
  • Using a Scanner.
  • How to manage digital work-flow.
  • Software for file management: Lightroom and Bridge.
  • The Digital File.
  • The Digital Darkroom: Photoshop and post-production.
  • The importance of the Monitor.
  • Digital Fine Art printing.

As the course unfolds, you’ll also work outside with practical exercises, to fully understand the ideas studied in class.

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    1 month


    24/06/2024 and 26/08/2024

    23/06/2025 and 25/08/2025


    4 hours per day, from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 hours per week




    From 2 to 6 participants


    € 875

    The course is also available online! You can attend it from home: you only need a webcam, internet connection, and a free, simple app.