Our Background

About us 1

The Founders of the school, Anja Schultz and Andrea Moradei, having had more than 30 years of experience in the field of Cultural Tourism, have created this new initiative, better-designed to satisfy the needs of both Italians, and foreigners.

From Italian Language, to Art, Photography and the Crafts
From an initial idea of offering a range of activities concentrating on Italian Language and Culture for foreign students, the need became obvious to open a general Cultural Centre, aimed at both Italian and foreign users, offering firstly a Learning opportunity, which can subsequently become a Professional opportunity.

Professional staff for every area of study, at your disposal
Sessions with professionals of all types: Photographers, Graphic Designers, Painters, Sculptors, Video Makers and Craftspeople have enabled us to delve deeply into a wide-range of subjects, with the idea of also enhancing future job opportunities.

These are our collaborators:

  • Maria Cristina Piccini – Language and Italian culture
  • Eleonora Nistri -Language and Italian culture
  • Franco Guardascione – Photography
  • Francesco D’Isa – Graphics for Advertising and Creative Writing
  • Marcello Fittipaldi – Video production and Web design
  • Serena Guidobaldi – Food Storytelling
  • Accademia d’Arte – Art
  • Le Arti Orafe – Goldsmithing
  • Decorazioni e Pitture – Artisan Production
  • Abacus – Bookbinding
  • Atelier Via Maggio – Sewing and Tie Production

Centro Italiano in Florence and Naples

For non-Italians we have created a series of custom courses to be able to learn the Italian Language, directly inspired by, and designed for, the various reasons that you’d like to speak Italian. In the light of this new approach, it was obvious for us to include a collaboration with our Centro Italiano in Naples, who have been working in this field for many years, with great success.

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