Learn or perfect the Italian language, according to your profession or exact needs, and with the constant help of our professionals.

From legal to medical, commercial or administrative language. Through this course, you’ll develop your skills quickly, by studying grammar, practicing conversation, and continuous exercises, always monitored by our teachers.

The course is carried out on an individual basis, and is built around your specific requirements, both as regards the general linguistic level, and for specific terminology to be developed or learned.

One week

2 hours per day375 €
4 hours per day725 €
6 hours per day with lunch1360 €

Two weeks

2 hours per day750 €
4 hours per day1450 €
6 hours per day with lunch2720 €

Three weeks

2 hours per day1125 €
4 hours per day2175 €
6 hours per day with lunch4060 €

Ask for information:


    1, 2, or 3 weeks. Minimum duration 1 week.


    2, 4 or 6 hours per day, from Monday to Friday, in the morning and/or afternoon, minimum frequency 2 hours per day. The participant can choose the specific language register (stylistic variation), according to his/her professional activity. For example: legal, medical, commercial, administrative language. The 6 hour per-day courses are divided into 2 parts, conducted by two different teachers, and include one hour of lunchtime conversation. 4 hours in the morning from 9am-1pm, and 2 hours in the afternoon from 1pm-3pm. Lunch/conversation from 1pm-2pm.


    Private lessons for 1 single student.

    Minimum age

    18 years old




    The start date, lesson frequency, and the total number of hours are at the complete and free choice of the participant.

    The price includes

    Private course in the morning and/or afternoon, teaching materials, lunch with the teacher during the 6 hour period, Italian taxes, Certificate of Attendance.

    The course is also available online! You can attend it from home: you only need a webcam, internet connection, and a free, simple app.