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Tuscan wine and cuisineCourses of Napoletan cuisine, fresh home-made pasta/pizza - Napl
  An intensive cultural week in Florence


An unique opportunity to know Florence in its history and in its daily life, guided by the Italian language..


Sunday     Arrival and accommodation at Hotel or in Italian families

Monday      9 – 12 Italian language lesson

                    14 - 17       Orientation tour. One of our guides, an expert in History of Art will take you around for an initial, orientation tour of the city centre; for approximately three hours, from 14.00 a.m. he’ll give you an outline of the city’s history, but also useful addresses for shopping, good places to eat and drink and information on how to get around.                                            

Tuesday     9 – 12 Italian language lesson

                     14 - 17  Guided hiking. View of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo and from the church of San Miniato al Monte, tour of the church, walk around the area of Forte Belvedere and visit to the Boboli Gardens, concluding with an aperitif                                  

Wednesday   9 – 12  Italian language lesson

                       17 - 19  Guided wine tasting. Introduction to main Tuscan red wines and descriptions of the most widespread vines. Every sessions is accompanied by traditional appetizers, olive paté, toasted bread with tomato, garlic and basil, mixed Tuscan cheeses.

Thursday        9 – 12  Italian language lesson

                       17 – 21  A dinner with an Italian Mamma. Cooking program at an Italian Mamma home. Guests at her home, under the direction of Signora Piera the participants work at a Tuscan menu. They have a dinner served in Piera’s kitchen.

Friday              9 – 12 Italian language lesson

                        16 – 19  The artisan workshops in Florence. In the first workshop participants will attend a demonstration on how to create marbled papers. In the second workshop you can choose among ancient book binding and restoration, ceramics, wood carving or textile restoration

                          20:30  Farewell dinner with guide and teacher

 Saturday           Departure


The program is offered in a private and exclusive form, the starting dates are at the your choice, the prices are calculated in proportion with the number of participants in your group.

Price per person:    

  • 1 participant Euro 720
  • 2 participants Euro 528
  • 3 participants Euro 465
  • 4 participants Euro 432
  • 5 participants Euro 413
  • 6 participants Euro 400


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Select starting date as private program with possibility of combining with an italian course
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