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  Visual Arts

The course of visual arts proposes the study of a broad spectre of fields encouraging the student to make a connection between various materials exploring new ideas to develop a personal style.

The complete trimester program consists of the following fields of study: drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, fresco, digital photography, ancient and contemporary Art History.

The lessons will be enhanced with conferences, seminars and guided tours to museums and galleries.

At the end of the trimester course there will be a student exhibition in the gallery of the school with local Florentine artists and critics invited.

The purpose of this course is to form a professional artist.



First month

Second month

Third month

 Drawing I (12 hours)

Drawing II (8 hours)

Contemporary Drawing (8 hours)

Ancient Painting (20 hours)

Ancient Painting II (20 hours)

Contemporary Painting (20 hours)

 Fresco I (24 hours)

Sculpture I (8 hours)

Sculpture II (8 hours)

Ceramics I (8 hours)

Ceramics II (8 hours)

 Ceramics III (8 hours)

Art History I (16 hours)

Digital Photography I (20 hours)

 Digital Photography II (20 hours)

Art History II (16 hours)

Art History III (16 hours)

Total hours: 80

Total hours: 80

  Total hours: 80


This course is available in the following modalities:
Levels: Basic and advanced

Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Lessons schedule: Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm Hours: 20 hours a week

2 weeks: 700 Euro

3 weeks: 1000 Euro

4 weeks: 1120 Euro

The lessons are taught in Italian and/or in English language.
At the end of the course students will receive a certificate of attendance (diploma). 

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The course starts every monday,select starting date program with possibility of combining with an italian course
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