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  Artists and Artisans in the Renaissance


The Renaissance in Florence marks the height of the development of the artisan as an artist. Their workshops were open to the world, becoming meeting-places where ideas were exchanged and the master artisans consolidated their reputations and their particular creative skills. The artisan effectively became an artist, the man who created new techniques and new styles. This set of seminars illustrates the link between art and craft from the Renaissance up to the present day, through guided visits to museums and craft workshops. Five 2-3 hour activities per week

Duration:  1 week

Program: 5 afternoon visits of 2-3 hours each

  • Monday guided walk around the Renaissance part of Florence. Introduction to the seminar theme and welcome drink.
  • Tuesday Renaissance painting: visit to the Uffizi gallery.
  • Wednesday Visit to various artisans’ workshops: restoring of ancient books, paper-marbling and the production of terracotta
  • Thursday Filippo Brunelleschi, architect of the Renaissance: guided visit to the Baptistery, the Dome and other masterpieces
  • Friday Sculpture in the Renaissance  - guided visit to the Accademia gallery

Language: Italian or English
Minimum age: 16 years
Levels: 1

Private program with prices per person, depending on the number of partecipants. The starting dates can be choosen by the partecipant(s) at any time of the year.

Included in the fee:  program as above, including entrance tickets to museums, craft workshops and welcome drink.

This seminar can be combined to an Italian course in the morning,  see link.

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