An intensive cultural week in Florence
  Courses of Napoletan cuisine, fresh home-made pasta/pizza - Napl


The homemade pasta is a wonderful synthesis of manual dexterity,
simple and genuine ingredients and tradition.
The course will be
especially comprehensive.

It starts from the choice of flour and moves on to preparing the dough,
followed by the implementing and shaping of the various types of
dough and then the cooking. Next the sauce appropriate for each form
of pasta will be prepared. The lesson will finish with eating the dishes

Menù 1
- tagliatelle all’uovo con sugo di funghi (egg noodles with mushroom sauce)

- cavatelli con legumi (pasta with legumes)

- Wine and dessert

Menù 2
- ravioli al sugo di pomodoro (Stuffed pasta in tomato sauce)

- orecchiette con verdure  (Special fresh pasta with vegetale)

- Wine and dessert

1 or 2-week course with 1 lesson per week which starts every Monday  at  5.00 p.m.
After preparing the different dishes, there is the dinner at 7.30 / 8.00 p.m.

Duration: 1 or 2 weeks (1 lesson per week) 

Schedule: 1 afternoon lesson per week of approximately 4 hours

Course fee: 1 participant: 1 lesson  €80

                    2 or more participants: 1 lesson €40



Home made Pasta
1 lesson min 4 participants    €25

Home made Pizza    
1 lesson min 4 participants    €25       


Dates:on request in any period of the year 
Admission fee  Euro 40,00 valid for 2 years

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